Tabora League for Children (TLC) Working with orphans and vulnerable children and their families in Tabora, Tanzania

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For a child, to provide a cooked nutritious meal 6 days a week and all that is needed for him or her to go to school. It costs just £15 a month to give a child a chance.

For a Granny who is the sole carer for an orphan grandchild but is too old or frail to earn a living, to provide a small pension so that she and her little family remain viable. It cost just £15 a month to keep her able to pay her rent and provide some food and water for herself and the child or children.

Contact us by Email: tlctanzania AT (change the AT for @)

Our bank account

"Tabora League for Children" Barclays Bank UK, Sort code: 20-97-48, Account no: 63693430

We need money

£5 buys a large mosquito net that will cover 3 sleeping children.
£10 buys a water purifying bucket
£15 buys some school books for extra tuition given daily at our centres.
£25 buys school uniform sets of shorts or skirts and 2 shirts, socks and shoes, school bag, pencils and exercise books. Everything a child needs to gain admission to free primary school.
£50 buys 100kgs of rice for the nourishing meals served daily.
£75 buys daily tuition sessions after school for one secondary child for a year. We have 7 secondary children in 2016 and so £525 will be needed.
£93.75 Buys necessary starter packages for Government secondary day school for one scholar & £703.13 buys necessary starter packages for Government secondary boarding school for one scholar, ideal for some scholars whose home life does not give them any opportunity for study. In 2016 we have one child joining Secondary school as a day scholar and two as boarders
£100 pays the wages of the cook for 2 months
£256.50 cover the childrens medical expenses for a year
£500 buys a brick and cement latrine and prevents cholera
£1000 buys a concrete rain water tank for Ng'ambo and Chem Chem so that water does not have to be purchased during the rainy season.
£1,687.50 buys the salary of one part time teacher for 5 years for children's lessons after school. Their classes have well over 100 students so many need a bit of individual attention.

We need Volunteers

All those working in the UK for TLC give their services freely. Trustees and Volunteers going to Tabora pay their own expenses or fundraise privately for them.

In Tabora : Any age, for as long as you can spare. Come and get to know our kids (subject to the usual Child Protection policies)

In UK:





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Help is needed in all areas, email us on tlctanzania at if you would like to join us.

We need Fund Raisers

Many thanks to all: New Donors, Regular Donors, Corporate Donors and Community Associations and those who organise one off events.

GIFT AID for UK tax payers

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Help is needed in all areas, email us on tlctanzania AT if you would like to join us.