< Toilet for Granny

TLC's Clean Water Programme - A toilet for granny

The pictures below show the building of a toilet for a granny and her familly of orphans in Kiloleni, Tabora, July - October 2010

This grandmother looking after a family of orphans needs a new toilet, her current toilet is behind the yellow sacking. Deus (shown left) will arrange for a toilet to be built.

A neighbour is hired to dig the pit and he measures it out.

The neighbour gets changed and starts digging.

Another neighbour lends a hand and the hole gets deep

The pit is lined with bricks.

The pit is lined with concrete.

Shuttering and mesh to support the top are put in place.

Stronger iron rods are placed to reinforce the concrete.

The pit has a layer on concrete on the top and a hole for access to allow emptying.

The building for the toilet and bathing cubicle goes up


The roof goes on

Almost watertight

Connecting toilet to pit

Embedding the footplate

Very neat plastering

Finishing the pit top

Toilet and bathroom awaiting doors........

Looking nice, still awaiting doors

Complete and in use

Happy family with Granny