TLC's Clean Water Programme - A family rain water collection tank


The pictures below show the building of a rain water collection tank in Kiloleni, Tabora, November 2010

On the left, Deus, TCWT's Project Leader, disusses with Mama how TCWT can help her to improve her water and sanitation facilities. She collects her water from a nearby commmunal tap but said that during recent days there was no water flowing from the tap. The water is always rationed and flows, at best, for 3 hours every 48 hours.

Between them they decide that a large tank to store the rain water that will fall in the wet season will be a big help. She will contribute stones for the foundation and ensure that she collects enough extra water for making the cement.

Paulo, the builder, sets to work. A mixture of sand, cement and small stones will create the foundation. The foundation is then built up with locally made burnt bricks see picture on right.
Bricks were made of small stones and concrete on site . These will give strength to the tank. The small stones were made from larger ones by a neighbour. The tank was then encased in wire mesh to give more strength and rendered with cement inside and out..

The tank is now finished and in use.