TLC's Clean Water Programme

A rain water collection tank for TLC Isevya Children's Centre


The pictures below show the building of a rain water collection tank at TLC Isevya starting in July 2015

The tank has been built with money provided by Wilmslow Wells for Africa


The 5.5 metre diameter is scored out by George TLC's caretaker Where the tank will go is now clear
It is school holidays and so our older boys are asked to help with the digging supervised by George. The tank will be project managed by Deus Ntiruka, the Executive Director of TLC TZ who has looked after the building of the WWFA Tank for Emanuel's family and the tank for Iddi's family. He has also project managed the building of the Visitor House, the Caretaker's House, the classroom and office block at TLC Isevya, renovations and a perimeter wall at TLC Ng'ambo and 4 toilet blocks with sewage tanks, and the classroom and office block and perimeter wall at Chem Chem.

The boys get the visitor from the UK Trustees to lend a hand.
The hole gets a lot deeper once the expert diggers come on site. And the base was put in and then the walls that will support the roof.
We still await the guttering that will deliver the rain water to the tank.