TLC's Clean Water Programme - A Community Toilet

The pictures below show the building of a toilet in Isevya, Tabora Tanzania, July 2011

On the left, the area of the Community Building we rent in Isevya is ready for the Knitting Income Generators to move in. This project is led by Bernadetha Mtasya, seen left. Dave Scott, Programme Director, hands over the keys of the completed Unit.

In the background a small informal court sorts out local problems. At the front of the building, offices house the local Government staff. The building is in the market area of a very poor suburb of Tabora. The building has no toilet and so we are building one.

Dr Kauzeni, our Programme Manager, seen right with two of the knitters,has a pharmacy in the market area here, and pesuaded the local government people to let our knitting project share their building. The lack of a toilet has been a big problem for all who use the building. A concert was organised by one of our Trustees in Worcester UK and the money raised to build this toilet.
Outside the back of the building the foundation for the toilet is laid using large stones and cement, a precious comodity in these parts.The entrance to the toilet will be inside the building and the wall will be broken down for the door when the walls and roof are in place. This market area building needs to be kept secure.

The cess pit will be lined to keep its contents from contaminating the surounding area.

The pit is hand dug and very deep.

The wall starts to go up The pit is lined, and the toilet is well on its way
The knitting project has since moved out to its own rented premises in Ipuli, Tabora. See TWIGA. The inside toilet is much appreciated by the Isevya community.